COVID-19 Notice: Prior to maintenance staff entering your unit, you will be required to present your symptom monitoring clearance certificate. Please be sure to complete your survey the day of your service prior to arrival of maintenance staff. In addition, we kindly ask all residents to wear a face covering and observe physical distancing protocols while maintenance staff are working. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
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Work Order Request

Welcome to the UCLA Housing & Hospitality Services Work Request system. This website allows housing residents to submit work request directly to maintenance and housekeeping.

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Log into the UCLA Housing Work Request System using your UCLA ID and password.

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2 Choose Category

In the "classifications" section, please choose the category that best suits the work to be done.

If you don’t know, choose a more generic classification.

EXAMPLE: Faucet Leaking?

Plumbing and leaks > Sink or faucet > Leaking

3 Fill out details

Fill out the "details" field with a brief summary of the work required.

Please be specific in the request description and location - It allows our mechanics to come prepared.

Please note: If someone has requested work for the same location and same classification in the last 24 hours, your service request will be flagged as a duplicate, and you will get a notification. However, your request will still be reviewed by our staff in case it describes a new or reoccurring issue.

Response Times

Once a resident requests maintenance services, the University reserves the right to enter the room without notice to perform the work. Maintenance staff will knock loudly and announce their presence before entering a living space.

Please note: The following list provides the standard response times to anticipate for various types of maintenance problems. Actual response times may vary.

How Do We Measure Priority

Immediate or same day service for problems such as:
  • Lockout
  • No electricity
  • No water/hot water
  • Sink blockages
  • Plugged toilet
  • Flooding
  • No heat
  • Major plumbing leaks
  • Secure broken window
  • Emergency lock replacement
  • Elevator not working
  • Gas odors? Please call the gas company immediately (800) 427-2200

Work performed within 3 working days for problems such as:
  • Running faucets
  • Slow drain lines
  • Partial power failure
  • Malfunction of appliances or air conditioner
  • Replace broken window glass
  • Outside light out
  • Broken garage door spring
Work performed within 21 working days for problems such as:
  • Dripping faucets
  • Inoperable garbage disposal
  • Minor stove or refrigerator malfunctions
  • Cabinet/drawer repair
  • Cracked window glass
  • Worn toilet seat
  • Malfunctioning dishwasher
Work performed within 30 days for problems such as:
  • Worn or damaged kitchen or bath floor (non-hazardous)
  • Laundry room repair (non hazardous)
  • Minor painting
  • Sprinkler leaks (shut off at valve)
  • Workable, but worn sink faucets
  • Workable, but worn, garbage disposal
  • Work that requires ordering of a special part or a major common area repair

Common Questions

"I Have Pests in My Apartment. Can Someone Treat the Area?"

University Apartment residents: Please print the University Apartments Pest Control Form and submit it to the University Apartments rental office.
On-campus residents: Please report any pest control issues to your front desk.

"Will I Be Charged for Maintenance Work?"

There is no charge for this service unless the maintenance required has occurred as a result of negligence on the part of the tenant or his or her guest. Please see the University Apartments resident handbook for a list of commonly assessed maintenance fees. For on-campus residents, please contact your front desk for more information about possible charges.